RESOLVED: A different queue depending on the phone number

We have 9 phone numbers configured on our T1 from our provider. Currently they are all in the same hunt group and calling in on any of the numbers delivers the caller to our main call queue, which just rings the office. I would like to take one of those phone numbers on our line and dedicate it to a support phone number, which will ask the user to leave a voicemail. I already have an extension and voicemail set up which will automatically send a page to all the on duty support agents and I can successfully call from inside the office to leave a voicemail. I now need to allow external callers to call in and leave voicemails in the same VM box.

I am new to the asterisk system we have installed, as I have taken over for someone who has left the company without training me first. I have only basic knowledge of the system.

Can anyone give me ideas on what files I will need to edit to accomplish my goal? I am hoping this will not be too complicated a task for my basic skillset.


you need to configure the extensions.conf
and edit it to something like

exten = (the incomming phone number),1,Wait(2);this is to give the caller some ringing before it awnsers
exten = (the incomming phone number),2,Voicemail(voicemailbox@voicemailcontext)

Thanks for the response!

Based on some grep searches through the /etc/asterisk directory I can’t find any files containing our phone numbers that already work. Wouldn’t those be in the extensions.conf file also? I tried your suggestion and it didn’t seem to make a difference, calling into the number still sent me to the main queue. I am wondering if maybe I need to configure something for the adapter card that connects to the T1 line? I think it’s a Digium Wildcard TE120P card. Any more suggestions will be very much appreciated.


you need to take a look at zapata.conf and see in what context the numbers are being send.
the numbers can also be send in the s extension

exten = s,1,
then you can’t see the numbers it will just react on any incomming number
this will happen if
is enabled in your zapata.conf


Slight correction the s extension is for calls with no did information in this case i would expect _x. or even _. this will match in th ecase of _x. and numbered extension or in the case of _. it will match on anything…


it’s more some extra information cause the s extension will also work. and i guess the person that installed this system did not make to many configurations on the system.
cause there is only 1 incomming extension in the system 1 queue.
i could also be your suggestion.

Thanks guys, I got it working with your help. In my zapata.conf file it showed the contexts that were being called depending on the channel on the T1 line. I was able to tweak it and make it work how I was planning. Awesome help on this forum. Thanks again.