Res_pjproject does not load

ERROR[27665]: sorcery.c:883 __ast_sorcery_object_type_insert_wizard: 
Wizard 'config' could not be applied to object type 'log_mappings' as it was not found
[Mar 24 21:02:30] WARNING[27665]: res_pjproject.c:665 load_module: Failed to register pjproject log_mappings object with sorcery
[Mar 24 21:02:30] ERROR[27665]: loader.c:2396 load_modules: Failed to load res_pjsip due to dependencies: res_pjproject.

I am trying to replace a failed server running AST11 on Centos 7, a very small setup but now on Centos 7 and Asterisk 17. Due to the departure of chan_sip I am trying to install pjsip. No success. I do not intend to use realtime or databases as it is a home system with a few channels only.
For 2 days I am trying to get past this error. I have no more than a few devices. I used the python scripts to convert from sip. I tried the examples to configure just 2 of them. I am using now just one device. But I do not know what to do next.

; pjsip.conf
allowguest = no


type = aor
max_contacts = 1

type = auth
username = 52006
password = 2020

type = endpoint
context = internal
dtmf_mode = auto
disallow = all
allow = ulaw
allow = alaw
allow = g722
rtp_symmetric = yes
force_rport = yes
rewrite_contact = yes
direct_media = no
allow_transfer = yes
language = br
auth = 52006
outbound_auth = 52006
aors = 52006
callerid=hp8000 <52006>

Remove “allowguest = no” from the general section.

Did that.

Made no difference. :frowning:
Wizard ‘config’ could not be applied to object type ‘log_mappings’ is the res_pjproject message.
I just want to have a few SIP endpoints when needed. This is just a home server set up around DAHDI for my convenience.
I do not want a database, realtime, wizards, sorcery magic stuff, unless I really need to. I am having trouble on getting info on that stuff.
pjsip really needs 3 entries for each softphone? and wth is sorcery.conf?

What is the contents of pjproject.conf?

And sorcery is the data/configuration layer. And using pjsip.conf does require 3 entries, but there are wizards[1] which reduce this and simplify it.


:slight_smile: Thanks! I will read that.
I can not explain how I did not find that article about such Wizards. Perhaps I was focused on the pages about installation. The build process did not mention this thing. And my reference material is the old book from O’Reilly based on Asterisk 11…
I did run the python script for converting sip.conf and it generated some files, but that did not work either.

Asterisk documentation is very peculiar, I believe.

So the wizards are used by res_pjsip_config_wizard? And what about the many sorcery modules? So pjsip_wizard.conf is sort of a set of templates and will generate entries in pjsip.conf? How is the interaction between sorcery.conf and res_pjsip_wizard.conf?
What if I configure an endpoint in the wizard and in pjsip.conf?
Who reads sorcery.conf?

I want to write pjproject.conf. My system does not even have such file. Then I see
and there is only a note about log_level and log_mappings. Where is the documentation about pjproject.conf?

My system complains about a ‘config’ wizard not being applied to object type log_mappings because it was not found (sorcery.c 883). It does not tell me where it should be found anyway.

The PJSIP wizard entries are consumed by res_pjsip_config_wizard and internally produce what pjsip.conf would make. If you configure them in both one would take priority I believe. The sorcery.conf is internally read. There is no interaction between them both, res_pjsip_config_wizard inserts itself in the process without requiring explicit sorcery.conf configuration.

A sample pjproject.conf file is included in Asterisk[1] and is installed when using “make samples”.


I did not use make samples this time because I am replacing a server and wanted to preserve the config files :frowning: My bad… Let’s see

making samples and replacing a few .conf files one by one and Asterisk 17.0.2 now loads.
It is not working, has dozens of warnings, SIP is not registering, DAHDI is not registering, IAX is not registering, but it is a start atfer all.
Funny that most of the files are all comments, like pjproject.conf, and I see no log_mappings object. sorcery.conf has only a test section. And sorcery.c does not complain anymore.


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