Reorder after dialing 1 digit

I get a REORDER message on my SIP phone after dialing 1 digit. In extensions.conf 4 digits are foreseen (5000 and 5001):

exten => 5000,1,DIAL(SIP/5000)
exten => 5001,1,DIAL(SIP/5001)

SIP phone: Cisco 7975G
Asterisk version: 18.10.0
OS: Ubuntu LTS 22.04.3

Calling is possible when I use only 1 digit in extensions.conf.

I think its a restriction in sw or a setting. Does anyone know?

Phones themselves have a configuration on them called a dialplan for how to handle dialed digits. If this is incorrect, then the call may not even get sent to Asterisk.

Yes, Its the dialplan.xml that is missing on the phone.
However how to get it on the phone?

Put it on TFTP-server and do a factory reset?
Should there be a reference in SEPxxxx.cnf.xml as well?


Problem solved.

For Cisco 7975G phones following tag should be added to SEPxxxx.cnf.xml


Thanks. Regards.

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