Removing + of callerID


my sip provider is sending calls in the format +4912345…

since I am using the format without + in my database,
I was trying to make an extension that removes the +
on both the CALLERID and destination.

[sip_in] exten => _+X.,1,Set(CALLERID(num)=${CALLERID(num):1}) exten => _+X.,2,Goto(sip_in_2,${EXTEN:1},1) exten => _X.,2,Goto(sip_in_2,${EXTEN},1)

In the cdr table the code above removes the + from the ‘dst’,
but it remains on ‘clid’ and ‘src’

can someone tell me why?

Because the CDR has already been initialised.

I think you can solve your problem with CDR Application.