Remove and re-install asterisk

How would I remove and re-install Asterisk on Umbuntu 11.10 server?

How do I install the Asterisk MySQL database. MySQL is already install.

You are not likely to get such an extensive topic answered in this forum, this is a subject for a howto.
As I have Asterisk running on ubuntu 11.10 I would suggest you try Google as a good starting point.
Also apt-get install asterisk as I recall also works.




You can do the following steps for remove and re-install asterisk in Ubuntu.

for remove asterisk if you install through ap-get install asterisk :

Type the following command in terminal
-> sudo apt-get remove asterisk

for re-install asterisk :
-> sudo apt-get install asterisk

from asterisk source you have to go to the asterisk source folder from where you install the asterisk like /usr/src/asterisk and type the following command for remove

-> make uninstall

for re-install it follow the procedure of asterisk installation, but make sure if you are installing the higher version of asterisk then previous one then remove the module folder from “/usr/lib/asterisk/modules”

->make install

Hope this command help to you.