Reload from CLI

Hi everyone,

I’ve updated asterisk to 1.6.2 and found that CLI “reload” command does not work anymore. What has happened to it? How do I reload asterisk after configuration change?

By trial and error I’ve found a combination that would work for me

config reload /etc/asterisk/sip.conf
config reload /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf
config reload /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf

However I’d like to know if there is still an equivalent for old full “reload” CLI command.

Thanks in advance

Use “module reload”. It looks like reload was already deprecated in favour of that in I guess it has been fully withdrawn in your version.



core reload


Would it be too much to ask for a list of the current CLI commands and what they do?
This seems to be a simple request.

centos*CLI> help ! Execute a shell command ael reload Reload AEL configuration ael set debug {read|tokens|mac Enable AEL debugging flags ......

centos*CLI> help help Usage: help [topic] When called with a topic as an argument, displays usage information on the given command. If called without a topic, it provides a list of commands.