Registering proccess - Cisco telephones using SIP

I have some Cisco IP Telephones that were working in a network with a server. I pick up this equipaments and put in a new network and in this new environment the equipaments didn’t register in the server and I can’t detect why it.

I made a tcpdump and detect this packets.

IP > UDP, length 591
E…kiq@.@…v.y…2m.W.xSIP/2.0 401 Unauthorized
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP x.121.x.0:12909;rport=12909;received=x.121.x.0;branch=z9hG4bKPjrvINfxPfAVSLNBxjkv-0MhxcO7.pEgLr
Call-ID: fUOr9m3jPk3dKIfX0YgrEEQcLUjOac24
From: “Instalacao” sip:21015015@xx.2.x.x;tag=MNcg3YA855h42PHgbgLZOqKqyh.7b35c
To: “Instalacao” sip:21015015@xx.233.x.x;tag=z9hG4bKPjrvINfxPfAVSLNBxjkv-0MhxcO7.pEgLr
CSeq: 58419 REGISTER
WWW-Authenticate: Digest realm=“asterisk”,nonce=“1562093304/8a7559eabc7a812cc8194bd931ba8510”,opaque=“0d3d0762268ef8d7”,algorithm=md5,qop=“auth”
Server: Asterisk PBX 13.21.1
Content-Length: 0

Can anyone help me interpret it?

sip:21015015@xx.2.x.x tried to register, and got a standard valid response to the first stage, asking for its credentials for the asterisk realm. Nothing has gone wrong at this point. If there is nothing more sent, the fault is in the phone. It should have repeated the request, with suitable credentials.

Normally To and From would have the same URI, though, but Asterisk doesn’t seem concerned.

For future reference, we would expect to see the REGISTER, the 401, the REGISTER with credentials, and the non-401 final response.

After the 401 response your phone should send a register request with the credentials, this is a working example of a register request

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