Registeration over ws

In sip.conf, is mentioned to: " The ‘transport’ part defaults to ‘udp’ but may also be ‘tcp’, ‘tls’, ‘ws’, or ‘wss’." then we can register a user, over ws to the other webrtc server.

I defined something like this: register => ws://100:pass100@
but in sip logs, I see register messages that are sent over UDP.
I need only WS, So “ws://” does not work? How can I solve this issue?

H. Yavari

I found that sip/config_parser.c don’t have any line for ws or wss.

/* set transport type */
if (!pre2.transport) {
transport = AST_TRANSPORT_UDP;
} else if (!strncasecmp(pre2.transport, “tcp”, 3)) {
transport = AST_TRANSPORT_TCP;
} else if (!strncasecmp(pre2.transport, “tls”, 3)) {
transport = AST_TRANSPORT_TLS;
} else if (!strncasecmp(pre2.transport, “udp”, 3)) {
transport = AST_TRANSPORT_UDP;
} else {
transport = AST_TRANSPORT_UDP;
ast_log(LOG_NOTICE, “’%.3s’ is not a valid transport type on line %d of sip.conf. defaulting to udp.\n”, pre2.transport, lineno);

So we can’t regiser any user over websocket.
How can I patch this issue?plz help.


Hire a programmer.

If the programmer needs help on the internals of Asterisk, see viewtopic.php?f=1&t=12322

Thanks for offer.

But I think this is a bug that in version 13.2 is not solved too.

I wasn’t offering to program this.

I’m pretty sure it is intended behaviour. If there is a bug, it will be in the documentation.

In any case, this forum is not the bug reporting system.

To avoid embarrassment, I’d strongly advise using one of the developer resources already indicated to discuss whether it is a bug, as, in my view, if you submit a bug report, it will be closed on the basis that it is a feature request with no supporting patch provided.

Thanks a lot for your support.
I did this in JIRA.