Regex to Spot UK Mobiles

I’m trying to route mobiles by setting a variable using regex on the number.
I’m running this in my extensions.conf:
exten => start,1, Set(itsMobile=${REGEX("^([0][7][5-9])(\d{8})$" 07799276666)})
same => n, Set(itsNotMobile=${REGEX("^([0][7][5-9])(\d{8})$" 02034350333)})
whilst this pattern works is right, its returning the same result for both mobiles and landlines, can anyone help me with this?

Just did a very ugly diag matching the pattern letter by letter, the problem was in the /d{8} but I still don’t know what.

What’s your source for \d being special?

I’m not sure that { needs \ if ( doesn’t.

YOu can over-dial and still successfully connect, so specifying an exact number of digits may no be a good idea. You can probably overdial with *, #, A, B, C or D, as well as normal digits.