Regarding supporting features in asterisk

Can any tell me whether asterisk supports these features .I was trying to implement these features.


2.IM -Instant Messaging

3.Hot Line

4.Day/Night control

please reply.

Yes to all.

But you will need to implement the dialplan to support them as Asterisk is a toolkit, not a complete PABX. Also you need to ascertain that the level of support is sufficient for your needs.

Thanks for your reply.

Can I use IM through IAX ??

For example, Can I “MessageSend(SIP:2000@Asterisk2_IP)” from Asterisk1 to Asterisk2 via IAX2? Or do I have to use “MessageSend(IAX2/asterisk_2_IAX/2000)” ??

If, either way, Astersik 2 receives the message, could I process the message in Asterisk2 before sending in to extension 2000? What context in Asterisk 2 would the message arrive to?