Reg. Voice mail notification

hi there,

Normally voice mails will be notified by emails… i would like to know how to convert those .wav file to text files and sent to extension users., so that those who do not have speaker in their computers, they can check their voice mail…

I shall be thankfull if any one throw a light on this, would be appreciated.

The only thing I could find on this Riz was this. It seems text to speech is much more common

The EAGI extension will let you receive sound from the channel into your application. It will not let you send sound. EAGI is intended to allow you to write a script that passes sound to an external application - such as the Sphinx speech-to-text/speech recognition application (as the example script included with asterisk does). Your EAGI application must also listen for a text response. In the case of Sphinx this would be a string representing the captured speech.

I found it on this page

there is an externotify program and a setting to redefine what mail script is called when an email is left. of you have a speech to text program that works good theoretically you could loop the voicemail thru that and have it convert it to text then email the text and voicemail over

however the state of voicerecognition software especically in the free arena is fairly lacking