Reg. Call recording


i wish to set the call recording facility , when everi want to do it… and also i know that we can set it by default for an extension… like we can record all the calls, instead… i just need to record… whenever i want…

how could i set this call recording facility?

Any help may be appreciated

Hi Havent got time to think it through but it could be done very easily by setting a flag in the database that directs the calls to recording or not.
As to the dialplan to doit, Thats your homework:-)


Normally you enable the automonfeature in the feature.conf

The dialstring in the extension.conf needs the ,wW at the end (allowing incoming and outgoing calls to be recorded).

exten=> _0N.,Dial(Zap/g1/${exten:1},45,wW)

Now you should be able to start recordings by typing *1 quick while the call is active.

The recording can be found in