Redundant solution for $20000?

What hardware should I go for to build a redundtant Asterisk solution for about 10,000 users (not concurrent)? A very open and unspecific question but any ideas would be appreciated.


There is no real answer. What kind of codecs ? How many users at once etc. Also for redundancy I would say to use a proxy and do load balancing. If one goes down the other should take over and handle all registrations.

Are you starting an ITSP?

First, consider how this all will work. Are you starting an ITSP (the next vonage)? If so, how do you terminate your calls? SIP? Hard telco interfaces?

Assuming you have 10k SIP users, i’d suggest put OpenSER in front of *. It will deal with all the registrations and stuff like that, and reduce load on *. As I recall it can also cluster or at least loadbalance, and spread the load between * boxes. For *, you’d definately want realtime and get everything from the database…