Redirect AGI Script output

Is there any way to redirect all output from an AGI script to some file?
I tried like:

AGI(/path/to/ >> /tmp/debug.log 2>&1)

But thats not working. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

You would have to do that within the script itself. (Or in a wrapper script.)

I actually tried a wrapper script but it kills the i/o. Cant hear anything, cant send tones etc.

Ended up just putting it into the script

class Logger(object):
  def __init__(self):
    self.terminal = sys.stdout
    self.log = open('/tmp/debug.log', 'a')
  def write(self, message):
  def flush(self):
sys.stdout = Logger()
sys.stderr = Logger()

Per AGI/application/system log files are evil. For several reasons.

syslog() is your friend.

I guess if you change AGI by shell(), that could work, not sure but test it, but that will remove some valuables features only present on AGI command

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