Redirect a call to an external telephone number


I need to redirect a call to an external telephone number. For example, a caller to extension 100, and according to the dialplan, I must redirect 402-537-5731. What do I need to do?

Currently I have an analog line connected to a FXO port on an Asterisk card, and internally have sofphones with sip protocol.

Thanks a lot


exten => 100,1,Dial(DAHDI/1/4025375731)
    same =>n,Hangup()

Is this what you mean?

Yes it is, thanks a lot

The hangup will not be executed for a successful call and does nothing that would not be done by falling off the end of the dialplan for an unsuccessful one.

I use Hangup at the end of each extension at least because it’s an advice from Asterisk Advanced training, though in this case it really seems to be useless, I agree with you.

It’s the same with me :smile: