Recording played after 1 hour

I am new at asterisk. I need to cancel a recording that is played after 1 hour on a call.
Can you please assist?

Thank you!

Could you please explain in more detail.

At the moment I can interpret this as that you have a very long recorded announcement and want to truncate it (easiest way is just to record it at the desired length), or that you have explicitly requested a time limit on the call with the L option,in which the easiest way is to remove the L option from the Dial in your dialplan.

Please change your subject to reflect the actual questionj.

Yes i can explain.
when i make a call, after 1 hour exactly, i hear a recording that says “you reached 1 hour call”.

i would like to cancel it.

Thank you.

Please supply your dialplan, as Asterisk will not do this unless it has been instructed, fairly explicitly, to do this, so it is a question of removing something that your dialplan’s author added.

NB, If you are using FreePBX, please use as we do not know what they put in their dialplans.

Of course, it might be a service provider that is generating the message, in which case you need to contact them.

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