Record the event "180 ringing" in CDR

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Does anyone have any idea what is necessary to record the event “180 ringing” in CDR?


In CDR, I need the start time of the call (“INVITE”, this information already exists, is REAL_Duration), but also takes the time that the event “180 ringing” arrived "!

I need this information to calculate the PDD.

Can anyone help me?

inside the package sip, this information is in sip.Status-Code.

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CDR has duration & billsec maybe you are looking for billsec.

Hello Navaismo!

Thanks for the quick and helpful response!

I’ve done several tests making calls and analyzing the response times through Wireshark and found the following:

Duration = “Invite” but rounded in a second "round"
Real_Duration = “Invite” real, recorded in milliseconds.
Bill_Sec = “200 ok” that is, the time the call is answered.
Real_billsec = “200 ok” + period not accounted for in the collection of the connection.

For both the field BillSec has no value to me, because the information I need, and is among the Real_Duration BillSec. Get it?

There is a hole in the middle of these two pieces of information, so it must register the eventro “180 ringing” in CDR, for only thus will have the value of PDD link!

Thank you!

A signficant amount of source code development. If you are capable of that, you want the developer mailing list, not the end user forum.

Note that CDRs are considered a dead end, although that level of protocol specific information won’t be available in CELs, either.

Also note that 180 doesn’t guarantee that the destination is actually ringing, and many systems will produce a 183 and only provide the ringing as early media. A 180 packet could also get lost, so the apparent start time may be significantly after the outgoing side started ringing.

If you just one this information for a short study, turn on SIP debugging and use the log files.

Thanks for listening!

I’ll post this question in the forum related to development, I figured that this request was often because we are talking about an extremely important issue is that the PDD! Anyway will look even more fundamental, since now I know that is not native to the platform this type of variable.

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