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So I have been able to set up a DID with and I am able to place calls to phone numbers and it shows that it’s coming from the DID I purchased. I was wondering, can anyone point me in the right direction. How would I go about recieving inbound calls on the DID that I set up. So far whenever I try calling the DID number it just says call failed.

Which channel driver are you using and which version of Asterisk?

Have you configured to register with them?

Does that registration succeed?

If not what is the diagnostic?

If the registration is good, are SIP packets arriving at your machine, as shown, by tcpdump?

If so, are the arriving as shown by Asterisk?

If so,what diagnostic is being produced?

I am using pjsip, asterisk 16, so I believe that I am registered, as I am able to place outbound calls to real phone numbers using the DID. However, when I try placing inbound calls, it just says call failed. It doesn’t show anything on Asterisk and I have not set up tcpdump yet. When I do pjsip show registrations on the asterisk CLI, it does show my registration. Is there another form of registration that needed to be done that I could be missing?

Successful registration isn’t necessary for outbound calls, although the provide may insist on it.

Does it show it as successful?

Are you behind NAT? Have you told Asterisk your public address, correctly?


Yes it shows as registered. The status says registered. I don’t believe I am behind a NAT, would that stop registration or inbound calls? Also I am not sure what you mean by have I told Asterisk my public address correctly? Where would I be doing that?

Thank you again, appreciate it.

You should know if you are not behind NAT! Almost all users are behind it, so not being behind NAT is likely to be a specialist service that you would know about. Typically, if you are behind NAT, your IP address will start with 192.168, or 10.

If you are behind NAT, Asterisk needs to know the public address on your router, so it can tell the service provider how to reach you. See Configuring res_pjsip to work through NAT - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki


So yes, I assume I am behind a NAT then. I tried following the link you sent me and also tried following a video tutorial on how to place inbound calls with So I basically followed the PJSIP configuration that is shown in this link. Asterisk PJSIP - Wiki

I tried adding what it said in the link you provided about configuring res_pjsip to work through NAT, and it still doesn’t work. Call just fails. Please let me know if there is anything else that I could try.

You need to follow all the steps to work out at what stage the call is getting lost.

I believe my inbound calls aren’t even reaching asterisk, would you know why that may be?

Given you are registered.

Wrong address in Contact header on register (see above);

Lack of port forwarding rule on router,

Firewall restrictions on router.

Firewall restrictions on Asterisk machine (although should show up on tcpdump).

Wrong phone number used,

Hi, so I can definitely rule some of those out. I’m at work, I believe they have all firewalls turned off on the router, would port forwarding still be necessary? I tried getting the IT department to add port 5060 on upd transfer to the router. It did not change anything. Asterisk machine definitely doesn’t have firewall restrictions, I removed those. I have also not tried the wrong phone number, I know that as I’ve entered and reentered it multiple times now. What do you mean by wrong address in contact header on register? Do you mean I have my public IP address wrong? I’m not sure, I’ve followed multiple tutorials at this point and copied what they’ve done but none of it works.

You need to go beyond tutorials. You need to understand what they are actually doing.

Could you point me in the correct direction to do that?

Also I realised that when I connect to my DID directly from a softphone, it does not make any difference to asterisk when I use that number to call. If I am connected to an asterisk extention, then when I place calls to external numbers, it runs through asterisk, and shows the DID as the number that is calling the external phone. Does this information provide anything useful?

Again I am fully new to Asterisk so any help is massively appreciated. I can call the DID from another asterisk extension, but not from an external phone. I believe that is because from an internal asterisk extension, I can dial whatever number it is I put in the inbound extention and it should respond accordingly.

Anything or link that helps me better understand what is going on would be appreciated.

Thank you again for all the help you’ve already provided

My SIP providers (Flowroute and Vitelity) can send calls to a registered endpoint or to an IP address. I assume it’s not an uncommon feature – I think they pitch it as being more secure.

Maybe you can configure your provider so you can get past this ‘layer’ and save registration for another day.

But I am registered already, it shows that my DID is registered on Asterisk and on the website from which I purchased it.

Hi, thank you for helping everyone, I solved my problem. It was an issue with routing the DID to the correct account on I was using a subaccount and didn’t route my DID to the sub account, I just routed it to the main account, hence I couldn’t receive inbound calls from an external source. The problem is solved now.

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