Receive Agent Information from another PBX

I am working on a product that sends calls from my Asterisk Server to my client’s PBX systems. Their PBX systems then allocate it further to one of their Agents. Now I need a way to ascertain which Agent the call was actually allocated to.
I have considered using a webhook/api at my end and getting the client’s PBX trigger it when the call is answered by the agent but this has its limitations and is my last option.

I want to achieve this at SIP level.

Can I somehow configure the PBX systems to send me some custom header in 200 OK which tells which Agent has answered the call? Or may be some other message in which this information can be conveyed?

That’s a policy/feature of the other PBX. There’s nothing in Asterisk you can configure to get them to do it.

Thanks @jcolp. But is there some kind of attribution possible in this case using SIP Headers? somewhere if I can get the IP Address of the IP Phone that answered the call or may be I can configure the other PBX to send a custom header in 200 OK.

Currently both chan_sip and chan_pjsip only allowing access in the dialplan to headers that were received in the INVITE request. Access is not available to the 200 OK headers. Disregarding that, it’s still up to whatever the other PBX can do and then up to you to associate things.

Ok, thanks for the reply.

Asterisk is a client, not a server, in this context; did you mean Asterisk daemon?

This sounds like a use for connected line ID updates.

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