Reccomendations Needed for Small Office implimentation

Please let me know your opinion on what to do with this setup…

In December I’m helping a friend put up a 12 person office.


support up to 20 ppl
assume 12 concurrent lines in use at all times (including faxes)
both office and home office (IP phones)
2 dedicated fax lines
internet connection required for surfing business sites

my thoughts…

I was looking at getting a huge i-net pipe and going all VOIP at first but… after reading a lot on the forums about the service providers for VOIP. I’m concerned about frequent outages and less then high quality voice transmission. These seem to be pretty constant.

current direction…

full DS-1 (24 lines)
separate GigE switches for PC/server LAN & IP Phones (keep traffic separate)

  • software on Compaq DL380 (dual 1.4ghz P3 w/ 1GB RAM)

Please advise on direction and equipment needed to give a good level of overhead for services.

Also please reccomend…
make/model phones
make/model T1 card

  • version

thanks for the help!!!