Reboot script

I’m looking for the script that will reboot my astersk@home server everynight at midnight. What is the script and where do I load it?

Many Thanks

no special script. just put in a cron job running as root. do ‘man cron’ for more info. why do you need to reboot every night?

the server runs great for about 2 weeks then incoming call stop ringing in until the systems has been rebooted. I was told this was a know issue with *@home 1.5 and to run this script or upgrade. I don’t want to upgrade.

not to be a pest, but 1.5 is OLD. do you have some sentimental attachment or something? if you really need to reboot it, put this in your root crontab:

@daily /sbin/shutdown -r now

i have it installed in a morgage company and it runs great, i dont want to reprogram from scratch

ouch, i feel your pain. good point though, for a business like that, midnight should be safe to reboot…

@daily /sbin/shutdown -r now

this is all i need and it will reboot at midnight?

yup. make sure you put this in the root crontab. e.g. logged in as root, do

crontab -e

paste in the line i said and save the file and quit.

do ‘crontab -l’

to confirm it’s in…