Reasons for no direct media in pjsip

I want to work with direct media but I’m unsure which features disable it (so I can warn my clients accordingly).
Is there’s any comprehensive list on which features enabled either in PJSIP.conf or in the dialplan itself that prevent the channel from becoming direct media.
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I experimented with it using fpbx - DTMF needed to be sip info and iirc follow-me could not be enabled

its not intelligent enough to distinguish sites with the same local network scheme , be aware …

dtmfmode is any of auto, inband, or rfc4833 AND

any of:

  • codecs mismatch;
  • recording call;
  • spying on call;
  • conferences;
  • any features.conf feature enabled;
  • any party refuses the re-invite;
  • directmedia=nonat, and NAT required.
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Local channels also prevent it, as does different packetization (one side does 20ms, the other side doesn’t).

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I’ve seen previous threads that claim that SRTP doesn’t support direct media. is this still the case?


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