Realtime Voip Comunication - through a Media SERVER

Hi " Asterikers".

We are trying to make something interesting :

a web plataform which implements a call center with these requirements:

  • interviewer side: via browser/webphone (a flash pluggin like gizmoCall) the interviewer contacts via VOIP to a randomic phone number (interviewee).
  • the voip connection must be implemented on an Asterik Server
  • the voip streamming must be transmitted by a webcast through a Media Server . Protocols: RTPS://, MMS::// for example
  • browser agents (with media player Object) can listen to the webchannel in REALTIME!

1st question : It’s possible to retransmit a voip comunication through a MEDIA SERVER so users can listem realtime in their browsers?

Please? Someone to answer this post ?