Realtime voicemail messages crash Asterisk 11.25.1 for simultaneous connections with voicemails

I have enabled ODBC storage for voicemails of Asterisk 11.25.1. It is working fine and users can record greetings and leave voicemails; which are being successfully added in MySQL 5.7 database table voicemessages.

The issue arises when two users simultaneously try to leave voicemail for same voicemail box. In most cases, the asterisk crashes. I have enabled pooling, max-connections, limit and slow_query_limit params with different values in res_odbc.conf. Sometimes, it works but still asterisk crashes after 3-4 attempts. The successful attempts behave abnormally i.e. sometimes it plays different greetings for both users or doesn’t play greetings for either of the users.

It shows errors as below:

app_voicemail.c: Unable to truncate '/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/XXXX/temp.wav': No such file or directory

Please note that I am using latest unixODBC version 3.7.1 and MySQL ODBCdriver version 8.0.

I have tried different options for ODBC but still it is not working, the asterisk crashes for above scenario.

Can you please suggest any change or share any success story in this regard? Is there any other option which will not require Asterisk version upgrade?

Have you try using the LTS version of Asterisk, I think version 11.X is not longer supported

Asterisk 11 is already LTS version.

Asterisk 11 end of life on 2017-10-25

Thanks @ambiorixg12 but I have already mentioned that I cannot switch to next LTS version because of many transitions in AMI events.

If you cant upgrade I dont have nothing more to add here

The issue has been resolved after adding index in voicemessages table.

create index idx_dir_vm on voicemessages (msgnum,dir); 
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