"Realtime" TTS implementation

Hi all,

I’m currently installing new Asterisk for my brother in law company.

I would like to use “realtime” TTS in dialplans.

Is there a recommanded solution?

I saw gTTS but not sure it’s reliable enough for the usage.

Amazon Polly could be an option (Asterisk is also on AWS) but didn’t find any documentation.

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions!


hello my friend
your request is available in the following repo GitHub - scolastico/freepbx-aws-polly: FreePBX AWS Polly TTS Engine

Thanks a lot for your answer. However this seems related to FreePbx and not Asterisk…

Have a nice day!

FreePBX is based on Asterisk and given the purpose of this plugin I would not
think it should be difficult to adapt it for native Asterisk use.

I’d certainly suggest that it’s worth trying.


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