Realtime SIP Path not saving

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Using Asterisk 13.31.0 with Realtime. We are adding Kamailio as a proxy in front of our Asterisk boxes and in testing for LG Ipecs PBX’s we have had to tweak sip.conf with rtsavepath=yes and also added 2 extra columns info the sipfriends table (path,supportpath). For this trunk we set the value of supportpath to yes.

All works as it should, we can see `route:’ added to invite/ options pcap and the trunk works as expected.
If we do sip show peer ST*********** we can see that Path Support is ‘Yes’ and Path is sip:******.

We can also see this path in the realtime ‘path’ database column. BUT when we do an asterisk restart/ sip reload/ sip prune realtime peer ST************ we loose the Path of this peer which is crucially needed for Options and Invites to the user. This is resolved once the Trunk registers but we dont want to rely on the PBX’s timers for inward calls to be delivered.

After restart we try a ‘sip show peer ST************* load’; which it does but Path is missing.

If we run ‘database show SIP/RegistryPath’ after restart we see the path is there.
Should asterisk not be loading in the path again to the endpoint?

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Hi Guys, should I log this a bug?


You can, just be aware that chan_sip is community supported and there is absolutely no timeframe on when or if it will get looked into. It is also deprecated in 17.

Will Do. Thanks JColp.

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