Realtime database issue

Hey people!

I have been looking and cant find anything on this matter so I’m hoping someone can help (its more than likely that I just cant manage to find alcohol in a brewery but yeah).

I have a situation where I’m using asterisk Realtime and have a bit of a weird setup. I wont go into detail on it because it’s probably not that important to know the ins-and-outs of it, but basically I want to use a database view for the ‘sipusers’ and ‘sippeers’ configuration rather than a straight table.

The problem is that the view merges columns from two tables and thus it is not ‘updateable’ (ie: when asterisk goes to update the ‘regserver’ etc, it fails).

SO… I need to know how I can get asterisk to query from the view and update to the table directly (or something that will let me update through the view).

Any ideas???

Thanks for your time in advance

Never mind - I’ve figured it out… just had to restructure my query to not use sub-queries…

All’s good and i’m jumping for joy! hhaha. Is it sad that this gets me jumping for joy?