Reading the combination of the letters and characters in asterisk gateway interface

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I am using agi script with php. which command can help me to read character, numbers and letters all together. for example it should read this : q-12345 . thankful if anyone help me.

Read from what? From a variable should be easy. From a normal telephone is difficult, because phones cannot send “q” and “-”, so you would need to use multiple key presses with timeouts, and/or use knowledge of the syntax to know when to treat a key press as a digit, and use more complex processing. I don’t believe that there is any built in way of providing that knowledge, so you will have to provide your own code to implement it.

I want to read from a soft phone. I stored that value to a variable and I passed that value to the say_digits command but it couldn’t read it. Or is there any argument for say_digit command to escape two letters and start reading from third character?

People will understand “reading” to mean obtaining the value, not outputting it.

If you just want to say the digits SayDigits() should work. I think it ignores non-digit characters.
Or you could clean it up with REGEX() like this:

 same => n,Set(just_the_digits=${REGEX(“[0-9]+” "q-12345")})
 same => n,SayDigits(just_the_digits)
 same => n,Hangup()

You could also try: SayAlpha()

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