Random hangup

Hi all,

I’m running a Linux server with Asterisk 1.4.x, a Sangoma A200BR with 2 FXO ports and 10 Snom Voip phones.
The Linux kernel is 2.6.18 and I’m using the WANPIPE from Sangoma.
All is working well, but sometimes the line hangs up during a call in a random way (calls from inside to outside or viceversa)
I have the same problem whith the same hardware but with a newer kernel version and newer WANPIPE drivers in another installation…

Any idea ?

Piero Baudino
Favria (TO) - ITALY

Trying running a debug and see if that shows any clues as to what is happening. You can also try callign Sangoma support. They have been pretty responsive when I had questions for them.

What is x in 1.4.x?

Hi guys,

the problem was the “busydetect” in zapata.conf
It was set to “1”, now I have set it to “10” and all is working greet!!!