Ram issue - asterisk eats memory every day

Hello everybody,

we have the problem that the Asterisk process daily more RAM eats although no open channel is available and otherwise open. do everybody have An idea how we find out what Asterisk as consuming everything in the background to RAM? After about 14 days concise 16GB of RAM are full.

we used Asterisk 11.13.1 ~ dfsg-2 + b1 on Debian Jessie as a package.

ps -aux date after 5 days ~ 3.5 GB RAM
asterisk 2046 1.7 18.7 4913296 3081724 ? Ssl Apr05 137:29 /usr/sbin/asterisk -p -U asterisk

after 14 days this looks approximately so:
asterisk 2046 1.7 83.7 4913296 14081724 ? Ssl Mar14 563:15 /usr/sbin/asterisk -p -U asterisk

lsof also indicates normal values.

About your help we would be delighted. Thank you in advance.


You could attempt to run asterisk inside of valgrind, but you’d need to understand valgrind to interpret the results. The other option would be to build Asterisk with MALLOC_DEBUG but this would be done outside of the package. As well 11.13.1 is quite an old version so the underlying cause may have been fixed. I’m personally not aware of any current memory leaks.

Thanks for answer. can i upgrade 11 to 13 without changing my scripts … ? do all works after upgrade and can i upgrade with apt-get in debian?


The project does not maintain those packages so I am unaware of what the current versions are in each. As well it ultimately depends on what you are doing with Asterisk and how you are using it. 13 is a substantial upgrade so reading the UPGRADE document is definitely needed.