Radio Stream problem:no sound

Hi, I add a radio stream link in musiconhold.conf file but when I call the number at which I add a WaitMusicOnHold extension there is no sound.

My musiconhold.conf file looks like these:

application=/usr/local/bin/mpg123 -q -r 8000 -f 8192 --mono -s

The directory moh-stream is an empty one.
And in extensions.conf I have this:

exten => 12515,1, Answer()
   same => 2, SetMusicOnHold(mus2)
   same => 3, WaitMusicOnHold(15)
   same => 4, Hangup()

I try in this way to listen the Profm radio from this site: ProFM - Radio
Is there another way to listen a stream as moh in Asterisk because I saw on the radio site a download stream option which downloads a m3u file but I don’t know how to put this type of file in a musiconhold context.

You need to figure out their mp3 stream. I looks as if you have selected their webpage.

Do you have written permission to use the stream? I can’t read Romanian, but the gist I get, based on other Romance languages is that the terms of use only allow use on personal devices and don’t permit republication without written consent.

I’d expect that such written consent would include details of how the stream should be accessed, and might include the use of an application key.

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