Queuing of calls on the PBX

Sometime calls can not be made (incoming and outgoing) on the PBX server. When I execute the command “core show taskprocessors” it is observed:


In the column “In queue” it is observed that the process “Core-PBX” has unprocessed processes. The Workarround that I apply is to restart the service of asterisk () and the telephone service is normalized.

Asterisk version: asterisk (11.21.0) ; asterisk-perl (1.03) ; asterisk-addons (11.21.0)

There is far too little information to even start to help you.

If you have inherited a system from someone else, please understand that Asteisk is a toolkit for creating a PBX, it is not a PBX out of the box, so you need to have information on how it was converted from a toolkit to a working PBX before you can get support, or even know from where to get the support.

For the avoidance of doubt, Switchvox is a commercial product based on Asterisk and is not supported on this forum. FreePBX is a GUI based PBX built on top of Asterisk, and is not supported on this forum.

I just updated the case with more information

Remember that this is a peer support forum, so there are no cases as such.

That version of Asterisk is past end of life. Even if it is deadlocking, and you followed the procedures for debugging deadlocks, no-one is going to look into the cause of the deadlock. You will just be advised to upgrade to a supported version, and see if the problem is still present.