Queues and Flash/SendDTMF in hybrid PBX


I am trying to setup a simple queue in Asterisk and I’m having a small problem.

Our callers come in through a Bosch PBX and are immediately transferred to an Asterisk menu/IVR. If they select the option to call a SIP phone directly (eg. entering the operator’s SIP extension) then the callee/operator can transfer the call to a phone within the Bosch system. What Asterisk does is execute the following code sequence:

exten => _7XXX,1,Flash()
exten => _7XXX,2,SendDTMF(${EXTEN})
exten => _7XXX,3,HangUp()

where _7XXX is a phone within the Bosch system.

This frees the zap channel and the caller will communicate with the transferred destination directly through the Bosch system without passing through Asterisk.

However, if I setup a queue and the caller enters it and gets picked up by the same operator then the above code will not work and the call will be dropped.
Flash() and SendDTMF() do not seem to work when the caller is within a queue.

How could one solve this?
(I would like to avoid doing a Dial() as this would occupy another zap channel and keep them busy until the conversation finishes.)

Help appreciated.

In case of using the queue Asterisk runs:
– Executing Flash(“Local/4002@from-internal-11e2,2”, “”) in new stack
and the log shows:
logger.c: – Executing Flash(“Local/4002@from-internal-11e2,2”, “”) in new stack
app_flash.c: Local/4002@from-internal-11e2,2 is not a Zap channel
logger.c: == Spawn extension (from-internal, 7021, 5) exited non-zero on ‘Local/4002@from-internal-11e2,2’

In case of using just a simple ring group or calling the softphone directly Asterisk runs:
– Executing Flash(“Zap/2-1”, “”) in new stack
and it works.

So it’s obviously not flashing the same way (not using the right channel?).

Thanks to Matthew from Digium:
This will not work with chan_local. App_flash only works with zap channel types, and if you are executing it on one of the pseudo channel types, it won’t be able to execute on the channel.

I am having kind of the same problem, if I do a blind transfer and that extension does not answer how can I send that call to te voicemail
Alejandro Jourdan