queue_log is not generated for agent CONNECT


I have installed asterisk-, asterisk-addons-, dahdi-linux-, dahdi-tools- on my fedora 8 system.

I have created the call center solution. Everything was working fine. without any probs. But suddenly, one problem arise.
When the Call is connected to the agent, the queue_log table should have the Log for [color=#FF0040]“CONNECT”.[/color] But it is [color=#FF0000]not[/color] happening.
The call is connected to the agent. and the queue_log table just have the “ENTERQUEUE”. All the logs are working properly. Only agent Connect Log is not inserted into the table. yesterday, it was working fine. Now, today I have not done any changes, still its not working.

Can anyone please guide me in finding the solution ?

following is my configurations :


exten => _X.,1,Answer()
exten => _X.,n,Set(MONITOR_FILENAME=${MONITOR_PATH_OUT}/P-1-Hindi-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},%Y%m%d-%H%M)}-${CALLERID(num)})
exten => _X.,n,Queue(Process-1-Hindi-Outgoing,tT,300)


strategy = ringall
maxlen = 0
monitor-format = wav
monitor-type = MixMonitor
context = Process-1-English-Callback
timeout = 15
announce-frequency = 30
announce-holdtime = yes
announce-position = yes
joinempty = yes
member => Agent/1000
member => Agent/2000


agent => 1000
agent => 2000

-Thanks For your support.


1.6.0.x is no longer supported for bug fixes. I this is a new installation, you should re-install with the latest 1.6.2.x version.

Hello david,

Thanks for your support.

My queue_log is now working properly.
I have written one trigger for queue events. and based on that my call_status table is updated. And I had set new trigger on this call_status table. My SQL doent support this, thats y my first trigger stops working.

I have removed the second trigger. and my problem is solved.
My SQL allows to have single trigger to be there, on single table.