Queue Log for PAUSE and PAUSEALL

Hi all, i’m building some queue reporting mainly around PAUSE and UNPAUSE.

I noticed something that i was wondering is standard behavior or something else:
When we issue a PauseQueueMember() (without specifying a queue), the queue log writes:

But what i have noticed is that at just about the same time there is another entry for each specific queue, like:

"UNPAUSE" with the agent "SIP/XXXX" and a queuename "SuportQueueXXX"
"UNPAUSE" with the agent "SIP/XXXX" and a queuename "SuportQueueYYY"
  1. Is this double entry system part of the default behavior of Asterisk (

  2. Because then it would only be necessary to report on the PAUSE events, correct?

  3. Can anyone confirm that excluding the “UNPAUSEALL” or “PAUSEALL” data is a reliable way to report pause activity, since the queue-specific UNPAUSE and PAUSE events are captured moments later?