Queue agents and announcements


I have queues with agents such as in this sample config:

joinempty = yes
leavewhenempty = no
announce-position = yes
announce-frequency = 10
member => Local/4321@default,0,Agent 1,PJSIP/4321,yes
member => Local/4320@default,0,Agent 2,PJSIP/4320,yes

I know that the default behavior is that when someone enters the queue, the agents’ devices should ring for 10 seconds then stop ringing so Asterisk can send the caller his/her position, then ring the agents again in an infinite loop.

Is there any way at all to announce the position every x seconds while the agents’ phones are ringing?
Whether the caller is listening to a ring tone or MOH, could the position announcement be “mixed in” instead so that the agents’ extensions keep ringing?


Asterisk queue module behaviour can be controlled on the queues.conf file and if such feature is not present in there, Source code modification will be needed to get his feature done

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