Question about outbound calls via SIP

Hey guys,

My room mate and I just setup an asterisk box and 2 Linksys VOIP hardphones and we are having a blast with it, but in my attempts to write an effective dialplan, I have gotten alittle confused.

We each have a broadvoice account which is unlimited, this means that only one call can be going out on that trunk at a time, or we get charged 3.9c/min for the second call, third… calls. I also have a sipphone account with some money in it to use as a backup for broadvoice. My question is:

How do I write a dialplan that will take into consideration the status of the trunks before choosing and dialing? I want it to work with this priority:

  1. Broadvoice 1 (broadvoice-out-1)
  2. Broadvoice 2 (broadvoice-out-2)
    3 Sipphone (sipphone)

So, any ideas? I’m still pretty much a noob at this.


if you’re using freepbx, just set the max number of channels for the broadvoice trunk to 1, so additional calls will skip to the next trunk.

No, I am just running standard Asterisk 1.2.13 on Debain Linux.

Is there any way to do it in the sip.conf or extensions.conf?


Will ChanIsAvail() help?

Try this URL.