Questio about PJSIP and registration

One of my ITSP’s uses redundant servers. The client is supposed to register with two servers [as best I can tell] and an INVITE can come from either one. Does Asterisk & PJSIP support this and if so what “extra” [if any] parameters / switches need to be supplied in pjsip.conf? Is a certain minimum Asterisk version required?

You can define them as separate peers, even with chan_sip. pjsip may offer you addtional options.

Apparently the two servers change at any given time and are offered in dns_srv as #1, #2. I might be mis-understanding the process. This is a rhetorical question right now. The standalone client I’m currently using does this. I’m not sure of the “inside” workings.

Never mind. I think it’s a question for the ITSP. Thanks

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