QoS/ ToS question


Apologies for re-posting: I posted this on the Users forum, but there seems to be so many posts there, no-one seems to get a reply! I was hoping that one of you ‘guru’s’ might read this and have the answer…

Is tos=0xB8 broken in Asterisk ?

I can use, for example, tos=0x18 and the RTP packets show a DS value of 0x18 and a DSCP of 0x06 which is correct. (11000 vs 110 binary)

HOWEVER, when I specify tos=0xB8, hopig to set DSCP to EF, all of the DS values are set to 0x00

I want to deploy a multi-site * installation in a Cisco environment, but this is currently driving me mad!!

Many thanks for any help/ comments…