Q: Call undefined SIP phone

Is it possible to call a SIP phone that is not defined in sip.conf? I saw some documents say that a SIP phone must be defined in sip.conf to be called, but after I check the code, I think that it may be OK for such case.
Is there anyone comfirm me about it? thanks!


You can but the far end should have public IP. If its behind Proxy server you can always bypass authentication (as if your proxy server is just another media server/gateway, i.e. if you have admin privilege) and let the proxy server do its job. Let’s take for an example, a sip gateway. You can always Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}/|45) this won’t require you to put entry in your sip.conf

Thanks for your reponse.

As for Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}/|45)
Is the IP address of the SIP Server that the caller belong to?
Or it just is the IP of the far end sip phone?

What’s “|45” mean?



Ip address of the far end. 45 is an optional timeout parameter for the call, just in case the call can’t be answered by the far end.

Thank mackiecfx16
Can I set as the IP address (or hostname) of the SIP server? Then the SIP server (Proxy server) can dispatch the request by extensions, right?


Yes, you can put either the IP address or hostname of the SIP proxy server where the ultimate destination is registered. Your next hurdle is how you make that SIP proxy accept call without a 407 response. But you can resolve this easily, by administratively configured your proxy server to accept call from your Asterisk. Once it accept the call its all your SIP server to pass the call on the sip device.

Hi all,

I´m using * internally on my network and everything is ok !
But, i want to call anybody in internet, not only FWD or iptel.org and etc…

Until now I saw configuration to make others (FWD, iptel.org) my “peers”, and use a dialplan in entensions.conf to call them.

With SER proxy a can call the whole Internet, can I do it with * ???

Ps: Sorry about my English !

Thanks in advance.