Publish presence by softphones

Hello, all. I have difficulty in publishing presence from my softphones. When I check the publish presence option, I see the following message: res_pjsip_pubsub.c:3350 pubsub_on_rx_publish_request: No registered publish handler for event presence from… If I check hints, I see that the needed extension is idle and presence not set. How should I configure presence publishing within one Asterisk server?

Asterisk does not support the reception and handling of such PUBLISH messages. They will be ignored.

If I type “core show hints”, I see the presence column, but it is not set. So, how can I learn if a user, for example, has taken a break or changed status to “Away”? I have seen in the documentation, that presence state can be set in the dialplan, but that means that users must enter it to change status (call somewhere, for instance, *30# for break).

Except for Sangoma D series phones, there’s nothing built in to support doing such a thing except as you mention. It’s also not communicated to devices, except for the D series phones.

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