PSTN rates and access

Hi there…rest assured I have done the searches of threads and Google’d this, too. I only come for help because I can’t find a reliable answer.

What do the VOIP bandwidth resellers actually pay for the PSTN “access” or “number”? What’s an approximation of the current real cost to them?

As we are already developing our own Asterisk solution…we don’t need any of their “virtual call attendant” functionalities…really all we need is the bandwidth. So…can I…as an independent business owner…somehow acquire my own PSTN access numbers (we need a few hundred) directly from a telco?

If so…can you point me in the right direction as to how the process, and cost of it…would work?

If it can’t be done…can you tell me what the resellers hard cost for the PSTN is so I have a basis for negotiating a fair rate for our solution…which requires hundreds of PSTN’s?

The market would be Denver.

Just get several T1’s from your Telco, each supports
24 simultaneous lines. You also get Direct Inward Dialing (DID’s)
from them. YOu can have more numbers assigned than physical lines,
however as they all aren’t in use at the same time.

The T1’ interface to Asterisk with a T1 or Quad T1 card.

On the other hand if your doing VOIP, you just get
several DID’s from any VOIP provider and don’t need
any hardware ( just a fast Inter

Lee Marzke