Provisioning Gigaset A510 IP phone


Is it possible to auto provision Gigaset A510 IP phone (DECT N300 base) with Asterisk? Configure SIP account based on MAC address, firmware update etc.

I’m not able to obtain Gigaset’s provisioning tool.

btw. Do someone have access to their [provisioning] site?

I don’t think that someone have a scripting for this (alltough the N300 bases should be for business use).
Do You have any specification from Siemens or why do You think, someone should have a provsioning logic availabe?

To be honest, I am fairly new in this.

[quote]I don’t think that someone have a scripting for this (alltough the N300 bases should be for business use).[/quote]A510 handset with N300 base is for home use. We have couple hundreds connected to Kamailio over DSL.

I have this doc, explaining how provisioning work and how to set up. But I don’t have auto-provisioning application. And/or proper knowledge. Local resaller is not willing to give as app and Gigaset won’t to deal with us because we have local reseller.

And why I’m here, asking for your help? Well, I stumbled on this link where it is mentioned that Asterisk support autoprovisioning N510 (that should not be that much different from N300).

The N300 base isn’t mentioned in the document You’ve linked.

As far as I understand the documentation (and as it would be typical for Siemens) the whole procedure would ever involve a Siemens-based service ( which they don’t offer for the N300 if I understood You right.

This fact and the fact, that You don’t know exactly whether the command/configuration option set available at the N300 is somehow identical with stations mentioned there makes it unfortunately unlikely that someone will have a solution.

On page 3:
The following Gigaset VoIP phones are supported for auto-provisioning:
Gigaset C610 IP/N300 IP (Same base, different handset)

And on other pages…

I’m interested if someone have access to or if statement from this link: … O/Asterisk is true, how is it done autoprovisioning for N510 on Asterisk?