Provider returns 403 after 300 seconds on qualify


everytime i restart asterisk, outbound calls work fine for about 300 seconds.
Then it fails.

Tracking down with tcpdump, suddenly after 300 seconds, the provider returns “forbidden”, while the options sip transmitted to the provider looks exactly the same (but some id’s). In the first 300 seconds, it returns an option sip and “ok” of subsequent transactions.

that is very strange and no clue how to solve that problem and not enough knowledge. I am under the impression that maybe the provider does not want the binding to be maintained and set a timeout. That would explain why it works again when restarting asterisk.

I am struggling with that for too long, it is time to seek help !

The OPTIONS shouldn’t care about that response. Does the outbound call call also receive the 403 and fail authentication? It certainly seems to be something with the provider, so talking to them may be the best option to understand what they want.

Thanks for your prompt answer.

Yes the provider returns 403 on first INVITE (after the 300 seconds) and asterisk stops the transaction there.

i am now thinking that it could simply be a problem with the expiration of the registration (trunks were migrated from sip to pjsip)…i try