Program terminated with signal 7, Bus error

My production asterisk server keeps crashing during the peak times of our calls (normally 60-70 channels max’d). Asterisk logs no errors in the regular log however, I do get a core file generated. The results of the core is:

Core was generated by `/usr/sbin/asterisk -vvvg -c’.
Program terminated with signal 7, Bus error.
#0 0x00b640ec in ?? ()

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I get to the root problem of this error? Could this be hardware related or is most likely Asterisk itself? Is there any other files that would be of use in understanding what Asterisk as doing at the time of the crash?

Thanks for any suggestions

In your Asterisk source directory locate and read doc/backtrace.txt. Then post the backtrace you glean from this to

Another way to locate this file is:

cd /
find . -name backtrace.txt -print



I can find no backtrace.txt file using the cmd’s below? Any other suggestions?


Did you install binaries or did you compile the source code?

PM me with a viable email address and I’ll shoot a copy of backtrace.txt to you via one of my Yahoo mail accounts.


It’s all compiled. We have a history of hardware issues with this box so I still feel like that’s the culprit, however, it’s tough to prove.

PM Sent! Thanks Ike!!!