Problems using with IAX


I need help with I strictly followed the manual on their website, but I cannot issue a call.

root@pbx:/etc/asterisk# grep -v '^;' iax.conf 
disallow=lpc10 ; Icky sound quality... Mr. Roboto. 

username= 150XX 

To test voipjet, I added an extension which should call one of my external numbers.

exten => 83,1,SetCallerID(XXXXXXXXXXX) 
exten => 83,n,Dial,IAX2/15XXX@voipjet/01149XXXXXXXXXXXX

This is what Asterisk tells me:


– Accepting overlap voice call from ‘031’ to ‘’ on channel 0/2, span 1
– Starting simple switch on ‘Zap/2-1’
– Executing SetCallerID(“Zap/2-1”, “XXXXXXXXXX”) in new stack
– Executing Dial(“Zap/2-1”, “IAX2/XXXXXX@voipjet/01149XXXXXXXXXX”) in new stack
– Called XXXXXXX@voipjet/01149XXXXXXXXXXX
Jan 28 13:37:31 WARNING[11973]: chan_iax2.c:7099 socket_read: Call rejected by No authority found – Hungup ‘IAX2/voipjet-1’[/code]

It doesn’t look complicated at all, because it’s so easy to just copy the setup from the voipjet website, but it just doesn’t work for me.

There’s still the 0,25$US on the account so I don’t think that I have too few credit.

I have not opened any incomping port on my router to let IAX pass, yet. Can it be that I’m missing something?

Help will be appreciated!



I thought you needed 2 hours on account to make a call. or has that changed.

[quote]10- Does the same account allow for simultaneous calls?

Yes. Here’s how it works: Say you have a balance of ten (10) dollars. When your first call comes in, two hours worth of credit is temporarily frozen. So, if you are calling a destination that costs 2 cents a minute, that means $2.40 (2 cents/min x 120 minutes) has been frozen in your account. This leaves $7.60 available for another simultaneous call. When that second call comes in, more of your balance is frozen. You can keep making simultaneous calls so long as your effective balance is above zero. When calls are completed, the balance that was frozen is released and once again available for use. If you have a low balance, there’s no sense in letting many simultaneous calls go through, only to have them all disconnect at the same time when your balance hits zero (what most carriers do).[/quote]


Because you’re right and it could possibly be that some marketing manager has been so dumb to offer 25cent balance for testing while you need at least a 2-hour-balance to start a call, I just payed 5$US via Paypal to incerease my balance.

The result is the same. “Call rejected by No authority found”.

Did I just waste 5 $US?

no authority found usually means a password or context error. You may have to add a peercontext= line to iax.conf…

No, that didn’t help. I contacted the voipjet support. Maybe they’ll help me. Ill post a solution here if I find one.

good luck. i stopped using them because they NEVER respond to anything. and have been flaky too (like voxee).

How ironic to have the mail address “fastsupport” if they don’t respond at all… We’ll see.

no kidding. know what else? there are NO contact phone numbers, so it is impossible to call them. maybe the fast means how quickly their mail server sends our emails to the bit bucket?

fastsupport: > /dev/null