Problems running Asterisk / RHEL

Good Day,

I have just (actually, two hours ago) compiiled and installed Asterisk. Unfortunately, when I try to start asterisk at the command line, I see a couple errors in the output - and then am back to the command prompt:

(sorry so long, wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything prior)

A couple things jump out at me:


[quote]Feb 3 04:07:01 NOTICE[22514]: res_netsec.c:480 midcom_config_reload: Unable to load config midcom.conf, MIDCOM disabled
Feb 3 04:07:01 ERROR[22514]: res_netsec.c:214 load_module: Unable to read conf file
Feb 3 04:07:01 WARNING[22514]: loader.c:414 __load_resource: load_module failed, returning -1
Segmentation fault[/quote]
which actually causes the fault.

Any suggestions? Installed on RHEL. FYI, this is installed with the sample config files.

Thanks in advance.

If you don’t need that module, add an entry to modules.conf