Problem with read application

i need to read input from users within 10 seconds . here is the code i used

exten => s,1,NoOp()
        same => n,Background(extra/please-enter-the)
        same => n,Background(extra/telephone-number)
        same => n,Background(extra/and-prs-pound-whn-finished)
        same => n,Read(number,,11,,1,10)
        same => n,Playback(extra/the-num-i-have-is)
        same => n,SayDigits(${number})
        same => n,Playback(extra/if-correct-press)
        same => n,SayDigits(1)
        same => n,Playback(extra/otherwise-press)
        same => n,SayDigits(2)
        same => n,Hangup()

i need to hangup the call if user fails to input number within 10 secs, rather then going to next priority which is same => n,Playback(extra/the-num-i-have-is)

thanks in advance

Try this after your “Read” application:

Which will check to see if ${number} is empty and jump to the hangup priority if it is. If the expression evaluates to a 0 because they did enter a number, it will proceed to the next priority as usual. Then add a label to your hangup priority like this:

You could also try this instead, which may be easier:

thanks , both is working :smile: