Problem with getting ExternalMedia chunks while playing audio to channel

I have a strange problem with externalMedia
I have an originated channel and externalMedia channel connected by a bridge

POST ari/channels/externalMedia({u’app’: u’100-02sl_third’, u’external_host’: ‘’, u’format’: ‘slin’}) - creating externalMedia channel

POST ari/bridges({u’type’: ‘mixing’}) - creating bridge

POST. ari/bridges/b43461b9-9c0d-48e5-912c-04e1a7279edb/addChannel({u’channel’: u’1634557361.26’}) - originated channel

POST ari/bridges/b43461b9-9c0d-48e5-912c-04e1a7279edb/addChannel({u’channel’: u’1634557361.28’}) - externalMedia channel

and while I am not playing any audio to originated channel -everything is ok
but when I start to play audio to channel with

POST ari/channels/1634557361.26/play/d596f5fa-14cf-4b0a-a9db-aa87f23cce70({u’media’: ‘sound:kvint_cache/s3-4129ab86-builds-build_61659453b8ba1f0056117dd3-messages-’})

I am not getting audio from externalMedia channel and only after the audio is finished I am getting audio again

How I can fix it? I want to get audio from originated channel even if I play audio to it

If you are playing media to the channel, then it’s taken out of the bridge. If you want to always receive audio from the channel you’d need to use a snoop channel bridged to external media.

Thank you very much!
so I just need to add
POST /channels/{channelId}/snoop
to originated channel before adding it to bridge with external media?

Creating a snoop channel will give you a channel that receives a copy of the audio of another channel, or inserts audio to that channel, depending on how you create the snoop channel. You would take the snoop channel and bridge it to external media. I’d suggest you experiment and play with it.

it works! thanks a lot!

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