Problem with 2 GotoIfTime statements in a row



I ran into a weird problem. I have the following in my dial-plan:

exten => 102,1,GotoIfTime(23:00-07:00,mon-fri,,?local,998,1)
exten => 102,n,GotoIfTime(23:00-09:00,sat-sun,,?local,998,1)
exten => 102,n,NoOp(============jumping into Macro==============)
exten => 102,n,Macro(stdext,102,SIP/102)

When I call ext 102 asterisk stops at the second GotoIfTime statement and never jumps into the macro. Doesn’t even get to the NoOp that I built in for this debugging purpose. If I comment out the second GotoIfTime statement it works fine! … and I’m not trying to do this on Saturday or Sunday between 11pm and 9am.

Also when this happens on the console under “show channels” I see this zombie:

SIP/48933-3953 102@default:2 Ring GotoIfTime(23:00-09:00|sat-sun

This is reproducable.

I’m using latest svn head as of now (1/25/06, 4.30pm EST) - SVN-trunk-r8687




shouldn’t there be a : the end before the close parens?

exten => s,9,GotoIfTime(${REGTIME}|${REGDAYS}||?from-pstn-reghours,s,1:)


should have read:

exten => s,9,GotoIfTime(${REGTIME}|${REGDAYS}||?from-pstn-reghours,s,1:)


does asterisk get finnicky if the start hour is later than the end hour? not sure if asterisk is smart enough to handle this wrapping across day boundaries.



Thanks for the replies but:

  • This used to work before I upgraded to the latest svn release.
  • The first GotoIf works fine. It’s the second where it stops working. They both have the same syntax.

… any ideas??